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Thursday, June 20, 2019

New Standalone Book Available!

I apologize for not posting this earlier, as this is usually one of the first places I post stuff of this nature.

However, I have a new book available! The title, Rebellion. Simple, huh? You can check out and buy the book at your favorite online bookstore. There is also a paperback on Amazon if you prefer that format.

This one I've been working off and on for several years. The first story or Episode in this one is a short story I wrote back in 2009 or so. So officially, it has been in the works for around 10 years. I ended up making a book out of it, because the magazine I submitted it to didn't take it, the main reason? It sounded to them like the beginning of a novel instead of a short story. That got my wheels to thinking and so I wrote more episodes to it. At first, I wrote around five episodes, then it stalled for many reasons. Last year, I picked it back up again and completed it. 

It is the first "adult" novel I've written. Not "adult" as in porn or anything in it that would be inappropriate for younger readers, but it is my first non-Young-Adult novel. Also, it is one of the few books I've written that is not part of a larger series (at least at the time of this writing) in that it is a stand-alone novel. It could eventually turn into a series if I feel a need to return to tell the next story in their struggle, but it is a nice and tidy tie up at the end with no loose ends (at least I believe I've tied up everything). So I wouldn't likely write another novel in this world short of an inspiration or a large demand from several fans. That's not, by the way, an invitation to bombard me with request for a book 2. :) 

Strangely enough I had planned on dividing this story into two different novels, but during writing it, it progressed faster than I originally envisioned, and so you have this one book, novel, a complete story.

As far as reviews, this book, as the case is for most of my books, but new books start from scratch on reviews. So, last I checked, no reviews on Amazon or other places. However, one of my beta readers, who was an editor of a space opera magazine and an author in her own right, said she really enjoyed the story. So I hope and pray that others will feel the same way. 

At any rate, there's some inside story stuff that you'll only get on this blog about how this story came to be and why I haven't planned any further stories into this world. Yes, I know. When you really like the characters in a story, you want to see more of them and their adventures. Yet, I also have many more stories to tell as well. I'm currently working on at least two more novels, not to mention the occasional short story. I have so many stories to tell, and I have no idea how much longer I'll have to tell them, that I don't want to spend too long on any one story. Because once this disease (Parkinson's) progresses to the point I can no longer write or think enough to write, that will be the end, including any unfinished novels or series.

I'll leave you all with the blurb for the novel. Thank you for your support!

One Renegade + One Priest and His Merry Band + One Tyranny
= One Space-Opera Adventure

Shashara, a renegade space trader, ends up in a strange band of rebels led by an Orthodox Priest. Despite a life of secularism, she joins with the priest to fight for freedom from the tyrannical government: the System Confederation. She ends up fighting for more people’s freedom than she expected. Will she be able to fit in, much less live up to her hype? Find out in this stand alone novel, packed full of action, space adventure, and intrigue. Buckle up, and take off with Shashara and Father Jonah as they attempt to race to save the day.

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