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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Fullness of the Void

I wrote this mainstream fiction story some years ago. I believe in 2010. When I read it to my writers' club, they were telling me it was one of the best things I'd written (up to that point, of course). They were convinced that I should be writing mainstream stories, not all that sci-fi/fantasy stuff. lol. But they asked me if I'd gone through someone close dying before, because the story read as if I had. At the time, I had not. Since then, my step-dad and mother have died. They were astounded that I had nailed the emotions so well, not having gone through it myself.

Anyway, today I was thinking of this story and started looking where I'd posted it. Apparently, I had not. I believe the anthology ebook I put out last year was the first time it had ever been published. So I decided to remedy that oversight. The following story is my second mainstream story I've written. The first one was also loved by more than one. So who knows, maybe I should be writing more mainstream stories. Enjoy this one, on the house.