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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I own a bookstore!

Well, not like one you can walk into and browse the shelves. Rather, my own little virtual bookstore where I can sell my physical and downloadable ebooks to the world! Right now, I have three versions of ebooks there. PDF, EPUB, and PDB (Palm). I'm hoping to add Mobi in soon, perhaps as early as tomorrow if the test go right.

What's on sale there, you ask? Not only do I have free downloads available of my Infinite Realities ebook, but I have the physical copies of that book available for sale as well as a limited number of the anthology two of my flash fictions appeared in, Strange Worlds of Lunacy.

But wait! That's not all that's there. For while I'm still waiting with eager anticipation for the arrival and appearance of my new novel Transforming Realities at Amazon and in my hands, I do have for sale, right now, the ebook versions of this book at my store! Yes, that's right, you can grab an ebook of my new novel and be reading it within minutes  for the low cost of $4.99 (plus tax if you live in TX).

So check it out, and by all means, buy something!