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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two stories bought up!

Last week, Residential Alien Magazine picked up two stories, one for his print magazine and one for his webzine.

The print magazine will run a story I had written in 2006 titled "Weapons of War." Probably their Nov/Dec issue. I originally wrote it for a Ray Gun Radio podcast flash fiction contest. The story had to have something about weapons. I ended up with an honorable mention for the contest. But the story has never appeared in print. This year will change that.

The other story is a space opera series I'm doing called "Neptune 2." Residential Aliens took the first story of that series called "Life Intruders."

I finished a second episode in that series, titled "Shifting Love," a fun story about a space creature that falls in love with the ship. It is due to come out on the webzine in June, barring changes to his schedule.

I'm sure I'll be giving you a heads up when these come out. Thanks for reading.