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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Clay Pot Speaks

Meaning of LifeI finally wrote something today. A new poem.

If you've ever struggled to find meaning to life (and no, it isn't 42), maybe these thoughts will provide a road sign to point the way. Something I've known for a long time, but am still working on putting it into practice.


“All is vanity,” says the Wise Man.

We are asked at an early age,
“What do you want to be
When you grow up?”
Planting the seeds of goals
That should fulfill us.

But when we arrive and
Accomplish our dreams,
Then we ask ourselves,
“Is this all there is to life?
I need a new destination.”

The dream becomes an
End in itself,
Spinning us in circles,
Leaving a soul-vacuum
That never gets filled.

“All is vanity,” says the Wise Man.

We are told that we have a right
to “pursue happiness.”
Live in the now,
Eat, drink, and be merry
For tomorrow is but a vapor.

But when tomorrow arrives,
We are hit with sorrow, pain,
And the fallout of tragedy,
Which sends us back to the
Bottle of numbing pleasures.

Happiness becomes an
End for self,
Spinning us in circles,
Leaving a heart-void
Drained by the transient.

“All is vanity,” says the Wise Man.

We are encouraged to obtain
An education so we can
Maximize our wealth and power.
To protect what we love
And provide security to life.

But once it is obtained,
Once the bank accounts are full,
It all can be swept away
By a failing economy
Or a more powerful foe.

Power and riches become an
End to pride,
Spinning us in circles,
Leaving a negative balance
When death knocks on our door.

“All is vanity,” says the Wise Man.

We hear there's no point to life and
Ask the Potter,
“Why did you make me this way?”
Because in the end, we seek
That which fills us with meaning.

But the answer reveals
Not all is vanity,
Because we were not made to
Fill ourselves and meet our needs,
Rather to invest in the lives of others.

Love becomes an
End for creation,
Traveling into eternity,
Leaving a trail of unity
With God and humanity.

“Love God and each other,” says The Wise Man.

It is the purpose that fulfills.
It is the happiness that doesn't end.
It is the security nothing can steal.
It is the design of the Potter
When He formed us in His image.

The greatest of these is love for He is love.