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Monday, November 26, 2007

"Infinite Realities" Becomes a Reality in Print!

And now for some really big news!

My novella length book, Infinite Realities is finally out!

Currently, you can buy it from

You should also be able to purchase it from Double-Edged Publishing's bookstore as well. And, I'll have some copies to sell too, if you would like an author's signed copy. I'll provide a link for that when I get it set up.

I think this would make a great Christmas gift for any teens on your list, especially if they enjoy a good fantasy story. And naturally, if you get a copy and enjoyed it, a good review on Amazon will be very appreciated.

Thanks so much for all who have supported me, and I expect this to be only the first. I have a novel length sequel to this book written in rough draft which turned out excellent. I hate it that it will be many more months before many will get to read it. But you can be assured it will come out, somewhere.

Now, go buy a copy for Christmas. You and your loved ones deserve a good, uplifting story.

Friday, November 9, 2007

"Unknown Realities" continues the saga!

Finally, my second chapter of Infinite Realities is up at The Sword Review.

This is the first new story picking up where Steamy Realities leaves off, and follows Sisko on his journey as a miracle worker.
Setting out on his travels to fulfill his calling, Sisko discovers raw hate a powerful enemy while dealing with self-doubt.

Unknown Realities

I should warn you, The Sword Review is one of the sites that have been involved with the massive server outage that you may have heard or read about in the news. Something like 180,000 sites have been out for various lengths of times since Saturday. The site has come up twice now only to go back down, but as of this writing it us up today. Hopefully it will stay that way. But in case you go to it and you get a blank page or it doesn't come up, try again later.

Thanks for reading!

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