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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Everyday Fiction picks up "The Wheel of Curses"

A flash fiction I wrote earlier in Dec, titled "The Wheel of Curses" has been picked up by EveryDay Fiction to run at a future date.

This is cool, because this flash is in the world of "Infinite Realities" but from the perspective of Sisko's best friend Josh as he is learning magic and attempts to use it to manipulate a game of chance.

This will be my second story to run in this magazine. A real treat.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Powerful Conclusion of "Infinite Realites" in Print!

The last story in my series, Infinite Realities is now in print at The Sword Review! This powerful story provides the perfect climax to the series. You'll not want to miss it.

Ultimate Realities

Tease: Sisko takes the ultimate journey to discover what he really loves most. Can he bear the truth?

And don't forget, the four stories that have come out at The Sword Review are all contained in my book Infinite Realities. But wait! There's more. The book also contains an additional chapter/story that doesn't appear in the on-line serial, Undesired Realities, as well as an article at the end about why I write fantasy and sci-fi.

If you haven't checked out the book, visit the Double-Edged Publishing Store, or

Or your local bookstore can also order it for you.

Thanks to all of you for your support. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Poem of Stellar Proportions!

My poem, "Soul Light" is now appearing in print at Dragons, Knights, and Angels. This is a poem I submitted for their poetry contest this past fall. It didn't win, but they still wanted it, and I was more than happy to have them publish it.

This poem is allegorical, and to full catch the allegory, it can be helpful to know something about supernova and the creation of news stars. You can read a lot about supernova at the Wikipedia article. Here is an excerpt from that article which is key to understanding the poem, if you are not aware of it.

Supernovae tend to enrich the surrounding interstellar medium with metals, which for astronomers means all of the elements other than hydrogen and helium and is a different definition than that used in chemistry.

These injected elements ultimately enrich the molecular clouds that are the sites of star formation. Thus, each stellar generation has a slightly different composition, going from an almost pure mixture of hydrogen and helium to a more metal-rich composition. Supernovae are the dominant mechanism for distributing these heavier elements, which are formed in a star during its period of nuclear fusion, throughout space. The different abundances of elements in the material that forms a star have important influences on the star's life, and may decisively influence the possibility of having planets orbiting it.

The kinetic energy of an expanding supernova remnant can trigger star formation due to compression of nearby, dense molecular clouds in space. The increase in turbulent pressure can also prevent star formation if the cloud is unable to lose the excess energy.

That's all the clues I'll give you. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

"Unseen Realities" Debuts at "The Sword Review"

The third installment of the serial Infinite Realities (fourth chapter in the book) is now in print at The Sword Review. In the old town of Dragon's Inn, not all is as it seems. Superstition hides a real danger that challenges Sisko's faith.

Check out Unseen Realities.

And if you like the story, be sure to get your order in for a copy of the book, Infinite Realities. And why not buy a copy for those on your Christmas list too?