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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Virtual Game is Here!

Book 3 of The Virtual Chronicles is available: Virtual Game!

Just when Jeremy, Mickey, and Bridget think the worst is behind them, a new threat to Zori and the entire virtual world arises. Not from a distant planet, but from Earth.

When ESEL, a mysterious, Earth-based military organization, threatens not just Zori but the entire virtual world, Jeremy, Mickey, and Bridget's virtual superpowers are compromised. Natalie gains superhuman powers, pitting the trio against each other. Even the Overlords can't stop ESEL from gaining control of the Virtual Machine.

Will the four superheroes in this space opera style science fiction adventure be able to navigate the twists and turns thrown at them by ESEL and their own emotions to defeat ESEL's plot? Like books one and two, this middle grade/young adult focused novel is accessible for adults who enjoy fun, mystery, suspense, and an exciting superhero, space opera romp.

Jump aboard and say with Mickey, "Let's do this!"

Currently available in print and ebooks at Amazon and Smashwords. Visit the book's webpage for direct links and to read a sample. Other outlets soon to follow.

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