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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is Rebellion a Good Idea?

Underground: Chapter 1 - Father Jonah and the Renegade

Not exactly an original title, so folks may be wanting a little more information on what this new series I'm creating is about. So, here it is.

Underground is a space opera story about a woman trader who ends up serving in a secret underground rebellion against the corrupt SysCon, Earth supported government in a planetary system linked to our solar system by an artificial wormhole/port device. The secret organization is funded by a conglomerate of business interests called Prime Ops, otherwise known as Sugar Daddy, and maintains several cells within the system, working to wrest control from the dictatorial government.

But the cell that Shashara, our protagonist, falls into is headed by an Orthodox priest, Father Jonah McKensey, an Australian adventurist, Donley Marley, a Slavic computer geek and all around IT expert, Natalie Duran, an African-American mechanic, Nicholas Jones, married to a Jamaican language/cultural expert, Dela Jones, and their mentally enhanced twelve-year-old child, Terrell Jones, and finished up with a doctor, Miguel Gonzales, supplied by Prime Ops. Some of these are religious, others, like our protagonist, are agnostic.

I hope you get a chance to follow along. First chapter is up on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords and related outlets, titled "Father Jonah and the Renegade." There's plenty to explore with these characters.

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