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Monday, April 25, 2011

An Interview at Family Fiction And Other News

Yet another interviewer has picked my brain, and in the process, featured my new book, Reality's Dawn. You can read the review at the Family Fiction website.

Also, Chapter 2, "Ship of Surprises," of the space opera adventure, The Underground, is now out on in Kindle, and Barnes and Noble in Nookbook formats.
Shashara goes on her first mission with the Underground cell lead by Father Jonah, and gets to know the team. Some of them she befriends, others she doesn't trust, and yet one surprises her. Together, they face the surprise awaiting them in the space ship they must board.

And one last bit of news, though the official publishing date for the launch of the second book, Reality's Ascent, in The Reality Chronicles is set for May 1, 2011, the book can already be purchased in paperback at and Barnes and Noble. The ebook versions should not be long in coming. If you have never bought or read a copy of the original publication, Transforming Realities, this is the perfect time to correct that glaring hole by getting the new and improved version of the adventure. Same story, but cleaned up a bit, new snazzy cover, and better map of Sisko's world.

A lot happening, so don't miss out!

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