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Sunday, December 16, 2018

New Novel Out: Reality Game!

Yes, after publishing the third book in this series back in 2013 (has it really been that long? I'm afraid so,) I've finally finished the series with book four: Reality Game. For the handful of people who have been waiting all this time to find out what happens to our heroes--Jeremy, Mickey, Bridget, and Natalie--your wait is over!

This series started with an idea I had back in 2006: what if one could have virtual reality and reality interact? Sort of like Star Trek's holodeck in reverse. So I came up with the planet Zori, where blobs of sentient goo lay around on the planet, were made movable through the virtual technology of an alien race. They could construct virtual bodies and houses and such. Then, another more military race, came to their planet and took over the virtual technology to construct a world taken from Earth's movies and TV shows, then he created a virtual "game" which was to virtually transport players from Earth to Zori to fight his war with another planet's inhabitants.

At the end of that book, Mind Game, they obtain superhero masks that allow them to be any number of virtual superheroes, allowing them to help the citizen's of Earth. But then the planet of the more military people who invaded and took over Zori, now attempt to take over Earth using a virtual army. That's the story's premise in the second book, Hero Game.

The third and fourth books, Virtual Game and Reality Game respectively, constitutes a whole story about the rise of the a para-military organization: Earth Security Enhancement League, to power by commandeering the Virtual Reality machine to initially combat another alien invasion, but later, to take over Earth to establish a one-world government.

So while you could read this last book and pick up on what has happened before enough to make sense out of what is going on, it will help to read the other three books before this one. At least, I would highly recommend reading Virtual Game as it is part one of the same story that this book is part two, to. LOL.

You can go to Amazon to get this book and also the others as well. Thank you for your support! And I would greatly appreciate as many as can, to read it and put a review on Amazon. As that will affect sales greatly.

I'm excited to make this final volume available. What else am I working on? About three or four other projects, one a new more adult book called Rebellion that is in the editing stages, which should be out sometime next year if all goes according to plan. I'm in the middle of writing Deep Brian Invasion, my NaNo novel that I obviously didn't finish writing in November. Also I have a couple of other non-fiction projects in the editing stages I'm working toward getting ready. So plenty in the hopper, not to mention all the ideas I have partially worked on over the years with the full intention of getting back to them at some point. Like a whole 5 book fantasy series that I have 2.25 books written up at this point.

So while I could resurrect this series in the future if I have the desire to, I don't foresee that happening at this point as I figure all that I plan on writing someday will take me beyond the point I'll be able to write. So I'll have plenty of other stories to write into old age. And if I should by chance finish all that I have planned, I'm sure I'll be able to come up with new ones at that point. All that to say that I expect this to be the final novel. I could write some more short stories in this world, perhaps. But full novels? I think this is it.

So I'll leave you with the blurb for this book that is also on Amazon's page. I'm excited to offer to you, Reality Game!

Note; The paperback of the book is now out as well as the ebook I've linked to several times. Just in time for Christmas!


The final conclusion to the exciting story of two teens who found themselves using virtual reality in reality, and using that virtual reality to defend Earth from aliens, and now, from a force within Earth itself.

The story picks up shortly after events in the last book, Virtual Game, where our heroes, Jeremy, Mickey, Bridget, and Natalie, are fighting the Earth Security Enhancement League (ESEL), a world-wide military organization put in place to defend the planet from alien invasions. But who will defend the planet from the head of this league: Commander Fisher, who plans to secretly install a one-world government using the virtual machine? Our heroes using their virtual powers, that’s who!

Though one can read this book and get enough context to enjoy the story, it is best to read the first three books preceding this one: Mind Game, Hero Game, and Virtual Game.

Get all four and enjoy the Virtual Chronicles story in full, today!

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