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Friday, December 28, 2018

First Book of New Series is Available

Start off the new year with a new book, a new series, and a new hero! That's right, on the heels of finishing one series, I'm off to start a new one, that is planned (though that could change at any time) to be a five-book series.

The series is called The Legend of the Dragons' Dying Field. This first book, as you can see, is named, "The Magic Within."

This series is set in Sisko's world from The Reality Chronicles, and as the name implies, does indeed involve dragons. From Sisko's world you'll encounter Kaylee, Josh, and Joel. But the main character is Cole, the baby born to a "dead" Gabrielle at the end of "Reality's Fire," which is recapped in the prologue of this book and can be read in the sample provided on my site. Now 18, he is ready to go find his place in this world as he searches for what to do with the magical ability he was born with. What he and George, his unique friend, discover is a new world rich in traditions, where people work to hide the dragons from society at large.

The book is currently able to be pre-ordered, available to your ebook on January 1, 2019. So order as soon as you can to get it at the start of the new year. Here is a link directly to the Amazon page. Thank you for your support. Following is the book's blurb.


Reality transforms into myth. Myth becomes legend. For most, dragons and their Dying Field are the stuff of legend. Merely bedtime stories told to children. But how much truth is there in the old legends? What secrets do the Dragons’ Dying Field hold? Cole and his friend George seek to discover the truth, to help George avoid an early death as well as to help Cole avoid his mentor’s death.

Within Cole resides a deep magic from above. Inherited from his father, it enables him to do magic beyond mere spells by thinking them into being. But what happens when he encounters a race of people who are immune to his magic? Who have a deeper magic?

Follow Cole’s journey to not only help his friend, George, deal with his “sped-up” life, but also to discover the true magic within, and his own place in The Legend of the Dragons’ Dying Field.

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