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Monday, April 22, 2013

Hot New Reviews on Mind Game and Hero Game

I've recently received two new reviews, one on Mind Game and one on Hero Game. Check them both out and if you've not had the chance, I encourage you to get and read the books and offer up your own honest reviews.

The Mind Game review comes from a professional review site: Reader's Favorites. Here's an except of what they had to say:
This is a well-written, exciting story with lots of adventure. It appeals to all ages of science fiction/fantasy fans, new and old. There are references to new technology for younger readers along with references to older popular science fiction/fantasy movies for older readers. The characters are very relatable.

Not too shabby. Today I received word that author Lisa Godfrees, who had reviewed Mind Game previously, giving it high marks, just reviewed the second book in the series, Hero Game, at her book review site, and among other things, had these comments:
Anyone that likes sci-fi would enjoy this book. I believe that middle-graders especially would love it, both guys and girls. I plan to buy copies for our elementary school library.

Bottom line, if you like fun sci-fi, you can't go wrong here! Thanks for checking them out, reading, and reviewing.

Read more about Mind Game and Hero Game, along with sample chapters and where they can be purchased.

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