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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Coming! It's Coming! Reality's Coming!

Reality's Dawn Appearing Early March!

Reality's Dawn Front Cover

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, reality invaded the world.

When the presence of reality emerges from under the fa├žade of perception, lives are changed. Forever.

A mystical ring binds Sisko to bless others with miracles and avoid using its power for himself, which would lead to a curse. With his friends Josh the wizard and Seth the leader of a gang of thieves, Sisko explores the emerging reality through his travels and adventures.

Journey with Sisko as reality's presence confronts and changes the greedy, the killers, the trapped, the demonic, and Sisko himself.

...Reality has dawned, and no one will be the same.

The Dawning of my new book, Reality's Dawn, is upon us. Within a week or two, the new title should be appearing on Amazon and other fine online retail establishments. And have we got some fine activities planned for the upcoming release.

For starters, I will be the in the spotlight Monday through Thursday at Encourage an Author Blog. Thanks to Casey Harringshaw for hosting me this week. You'll not only hear news of this book, but other books I've published, and you'll get an excerpt from a new story in this book, never read before by human eyes...except a small handful of dedicated critiquers and proofers.

Monday, March 7th, at 8:00 pm Central Time, will be a chat kick-off party. A chance to ask questions, get to know me better, and who knows what else will happen. Plug the date and time into your reminder calendar so you won't forget. Do it now. I'll wait.

Then one more item. At some point in the coming week, author A . M. Roelke will post an interview of me at her blog. You can watch for it at her blog or watch here as I'll post a note when it goes live.

What? Can't wait until it comes out? Satisfy that craving by pre-ordering directly from the publisher, Splashdown Books.

I'm excited to finally offer this expanded life of Sisko's journey with the ring. The additional ten stories in it really fill out and deepen the original novella, Infinite Realities. I invite you to share the excitement with me, and I pray, grab a paperback or ebook of it when it comes out, which of course I'll be the first to let you know when each one becomes available.

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