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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't-miss-it sale on Infinite Realities!

In anticipation of the new updated and expanded version of Infinite Realities coming out on March 1st, Reality's Dawn, I'm putting my Infinite Realities ebook at the lowest cost possible: FREE! But Amazon won't let me make it any lower than $0.99, so if you want it on that through Amazon, you'll have to cough up a dollar.

You can find it for free through the rest of this month at my two ebook stores:

And at Smashwords

And for $0.99 at Amazon

Reality's Dawn, the new book coming out March 1, 2011, adds ten more outstanding short stories to this collection of five to make a full fifteen-storied, braided novel of Sisko's adventures. I'm really excited about these additional stories because they add in so much more depth to Sisko's life, the characters like Josh, Seth, and Joel who also appear later in the series. And they are just plain fun. If you want to know whether to get the new book when it comes out, now's your chance to get a free taste of five stories that will appear in that book, though I will say that the new stories are even better. Still, you can't beat free if you want to consider the new book, Reality's Dawn, for which Splashdown Books, the publisher, is taking pre-orders.

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