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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big News on the Reality Series

As some of my readers know, I had a contract last year with a start-up publisher for the third book in the Reality series, that had been tentatively titled Fiery Realities. But just over a month from the publication date, the would-be publisher realized he simply wouldn't be able to perform according to contract and had to back out. So I was back to square one looking for a new publisher to complete the series.

On top of that, I became inspired toward the end of August last year to write ten more short stories to fill out the Infinite Realities novella into a full novel. I spent two months writing nine new short stories (one had already been written but only showed up on my blog). I really liked how they turned out and filled out the story arc. But now I had another Reality book that would need a publisher if it were to see the light of day.

After a month or so of discussing options with a new publisher, today I signed on the dotted line, and the Reality series has a new publisher! Splashdown books, run by the adventurous Grace Bridges, has taken on the series for all three books. Here's the run down on what she has accepted to publish:

  • Reality's Dawn - this is the new title for what was Infinite Realities before, but now expanded to novel length with ten new short stories that develop the characters better and introduce new ones, as well as provide background on ones that play more significant roles in later novels.

  • Reality's Ascent - this is a new title for the same novel currently titled Transforming Realities. Nothing new expected to be done with this one, other than correct formatting and typo issues, though the publisher, once she goes through it, may have some other corrections to make. But the story should stay relatively unchanged.

  • Reality's Glory - this is the brand new, third and final book in the Reality series. The ring's journey comes to a surprising end amidst a final attempt by those who seek to control it, the sins of those who seek to preserve it, and a love that gives everything.

Reality's Dawn may see publication soon. More news should be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. Reality's Ascent probably before summer. Reality's Glory yet to be determined for sure, though the publisher might have an idea.

I'm very excited to be a part of the Splashdown team. It is making a mark in the Christian publishing world with speculative fiction titles. Being that publishing speculative fiction novels with a Christian worldview is the primary mission of this publisher, and having already published several titles, I feel confident this will be a good partnership not only for these novels, but future ones. May God use our efforts for His glory.

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