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Sunday, September 2, 2007

My old comics

I had these on my previous blog, and am just now getting back to putting them up again.

My brother and I, back as pre-teens, started writing comics, making stories, and having fun. You can say that this was my first story creation medium. First, we started with using our stuffed toys to create comics, but later we developed a whole list of human superheros and villians. I even had a comic that was a take-off of Speed Racer that was my favorite.

One time, my brother and I decided to send off our characters to Marvel, in the vain hope that they would think, "Oh, these are great. Let's use them and send these kids a lot of money for 'em!" Yea, right. What can I say, we were young, naive teens. But I do wonder, because one of my characters was "Magnet Man." He looked a lot like Iron Man but use Earth's gravity fields to fly and take out the bad guys. I'll have to research this, but I wondered when I saw "Magnito" on the X-Men, whether or not my character spawned that idea or not. Hum...

Anyway, most of those old comics I no longer have. Which is a shame because it would be real interesting to re-read some of them now in retrospect. But, I do have three, fortunately. They are all from our stuffed toy collection, and they all feature my favorite stuffed toy, a teddy bear named "Charlie." These comics are in PDF format, and you can download them freely. They've never been published anywhere except at this blog and website. Hope you enjoy them.

This first comic is from my earliest series, that I called "Detective Charlie." Usually the story went that he received his orders from the boss, the device always blows up, he goes after the bad guys but mostly he seems to "win" by sheer luck, and no matter what situation he is in, he just happens to be carrying with him what he needs! It was intentionally a spoofy series on James Bond type things. I never got around to coloring this one, so all black and white. This one is under 500KB in size.

Detective Charlie: Death Trap

The second one is one of my favorite series, which I called "Neptune 2." "Hum," you say. "That sounds familiar, this wouldn't be a take off of Lost in Space, now would it?" Well, yea, you could call it that. There is a similar shape to the ships and they usually crash land. Only thing missing is the robot. But you can say these are my first attempts at space opera, though I had no idea what that was then, I just liked space stories. This is mostly colored, and so the file is on the bigger side, just over 6.5 Megs.

Neptune 2: It's a Long Ways Down

The last one is one of my superhero comics. Sort of a League of superheros type story. Detective Charlie heads up this organization, with Sound Rabbit, Silver Mouse and Bear. This one was partially colored so the file is a little big, but not as big as the last one, at 2.6 megs.

The Superhero Outfit: The Final Test

Hope you enjoy them. I just might get back into writing more someday. Once I get the rust out of my drawing skills.

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