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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Contest poem doesn't place, but will be published.

I submitted a poem to Dragon, Knights, and Angels' annual poetry contest again this year. Readers may recall last year one of my poems won an honorable mention, which is more than I could expect as there are several great poets that submit there. Again, they had a lot of entries, around fourty I'm told. But this time, I didn't place in the contest.

However, they did send me a contract to publish the poem anyway. So, while not an "award winning" poem in this case, it will see the light of day.

It is a little more than interesting that all of my speculative poetry has been published by DKA. For some reason, the pieces I've sent them work, while one's I've submitted elsewhere don't. But this makes the fourth poem of mine they will publish. Hum, maybe I just need to pretend to write a poem for DKA, but then submit it elsewhere. Who knows, just might work.

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