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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What You Mean to Me

On this, my 37th marital anniversary, I sat down in the early morning hours to put down upon "paper" this poem to my wife. I think it came out pretty good! Brought a tear to my eyes, but then, I have a vested interest in this matter. <g>

At any rate, here is my poem for my wife on our 37th anniversary.


As I watch the stars in the sky
Become swallowed up by the dawn,
My mind seeks the love we share,
And all that you mean to me.

Many years removed from that day
When I watched you walk down the aisle,
We were both so full of expectations;
To experience the future as two-in-one.

Since the future has become the past,
Though we have future left to burn,
My love for you has always grown
No matter the blessing or the curse.

I have not been disappointed
When you first said, “I do.”
Nor have I regretted it twenty-nine
Years later—when you said, “I will.”

Every day has been worth it,
To spend my life with you.
Including this day as a new sun rises
Full of future and expectations anew.

As we live our lives together,
Until our dying breath says, “I love you,”
I look forward to whatever may come,
So that you will know without a doubt—

How much you mean to me.

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