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Monday, January 13, 2014

Monthly Free Fiction Upgrade!

I recently discussed my 2014 goals, which included my goal to continue writing one free story here each month. 12 stories costing you nothing more than the time to read them. What a deal, right?

I've decided to upgrade that goal. (A little Cyberman terminology for you.) I've decided to do a 12 episode serial for the year.  Each month will deliver a new chapter in the . . .

Well, I haven't figured it out quite yet. I'm leaning toward a space opera, maybe superhero in space, or some kind of space cop series. Maybe some kind of mixture of it all. Hopefully have the first one out later this week.

Be sure to subscribe (links in top right of website) if you wish to follow the story.

Until then, keep reading!

So be watching for it. If any of my readers has a preference on what kind of tale to tell, speak up soon!

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