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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Exciting News!

Most who follow me know of "The Reality Chronicles" trilogy I wrote, published by Splashdown Books: Reality's Dawn, Reality's Ascent, and Reality's Fire. I know you've all read them and loved them, so I won't bore you with details about them. (Sarcasm aside, click the links to find out more about them and where to pick them up.)

The ending of Reality's Fire left open the possibility of a spin-off series. Which I've taken advantage of, and planned a five-book series which I've tentatively titled, "The Legend of the Dragons' Dying Field." So far I've written two of the books in that series and started on a third one: The Magic Within, The Dragon Within, The Dragon Without. The first of those, The Magic Within, I submitted to AltWit Press back in January. Splashdown Books was willing to look at it, but we both thought some cross-pollination would be good for all involved and she encouraged me to check out some other options.

This week, in communication with AltWit Press, they indicated they wanted to publish the story. Today, a contract with my signature left my mailbox. So, being it is official, you will all be excited to know that the first book of this series has a home! I'm thankful to Pauline at AltWit for adding me to their line up and look forward to some profitable years together.

The tentative release date, if all goes as planned, will be this coming fall, in time for your Christmas shopping. Stay tuned for any news as this publication progresses.

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