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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interview with Mickey Linerman from Mind Game

R: Today on Entertainment Tomorrow, we have as our guest Mickey Linerman from the smash hit series, "The Virtual Chronicles." Book 1: Mind Game, book 2: Hero Game, and coming in 2013, book 3: Virtual Game. Mickey, say hi to our audience and say a bit about yourself.

M: Hi, audience. (waves hand) I'm a teen...I mean, young adult of 17 years. I live in a town in Montana, or did. Long story yet to be told. But it's a cool story. Anyway, I like games, so these stories play right into my strength.

R: And that would be...?

M: Why, flying space ships and shooting down the bad guys. What else is there?

R: I see you're a bit single-minded on that subject. But how old were you when this series started?

M: 15. To say the least, I've matured through the experiences.

R: In what way?

M: Well, I don't want to brag, but when you're going through the crazy...uh, excrement I've gone through, and helped to save the world more than once, it grows you up fast.

R: So what would you say is your role in this series?

M: (Laughs) To save Jeremy's butt.

R: Fill us in on who Jeremy is, for those unfamiliar with the books.

M: Oh, sure. Jeremy is my best friend. Most of the story is written from his point of view, but I get a slot here and there. He's a lot more cautious than me, but way too trusting of people sometimes. That's where I have to come in and keep him on his toes.

R: This might be a good time to let people know what the series is about. Give us a quick summary of Mind Game.

M: Summary, okay. Mind Game is about me and Jeremy getting trapped in a virtual reality game that, surprise, surprise, isn't all virtual, but interacts with reality in a galaxy far from Earth. Some dictator uses us and other players from Earth to fight in a real war. We try to escape. Things go horribly wrong. How it ends, you'll have to read to find out. Obviously we survive because there is a book two. Duh. But people do die.

R: And Hero Game?

M: We end up having virtual superhero powers, which is cool. We can change into any number of heroes. We thought we'd be fighting normal Earth crime, but then...don't want to give away too much, but some bad stuff happens because the brother of the bad guy in Mind Game comes looking for revenge on Jeremy and to take over Earth. Again, horrible stuff happens, and how it ends, you'll have to read. Plenty of twists and surprises in both books to keep it interesting.

R: And can you tell us anything about the upcoming book, Virtual Game?

M: Hum, we'll, I can say the threat comes from Earth, one we weren't expecting. I'd say of the three, it has a more ominous feel to it, and there is more conflict between us characters. Plus, we are put in an impossible survival situation. And what happens to us by the end was a surprise. Even for the author.

R: Thanks, Mickey, for being here with us. I look forward to reading your next adventure.

M: Thank you. Hey, is it time to eat that burger you promised?

R: (Clears throat) Sure. Let me sign us off here. Until next time, faithful followers, when we'll be back for another celebrity interview.

M: Wow! You mean I'm a celebrity?

R: (Shush) Goodbye, everyone.

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