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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Interview with Joel

I figured I would do something a little different and interview one of my favorite characters from my new novel, Reality's Dawn: Joel.

Joel shows up in this book in one story, but makes some major appearances in both Reality's Ascent and Reality's Glory (yet to be published). And he's a unique enough character, I figured it would only do me good to interview him, so the readers get a chance to say hi. So the following is my interview for your enjoyment!

R: Today I'd like to introduce to our readers Joel. Say hi to the folks and tell us a bit about yourself.

J: Hi folks. Thanks, R. L., for the chance to come on here and clear my...I mean, fill everyone in on how I really make this series sing. After all, who else can--

R: Joel, hold on one minute. I didn't say give us a "praise Joel" section. Just tell us something about yourself.

J: Something about myself. Hum. Well, there is the fact I'm the most powerful character in your books. Almost god-like. Note to Creator: I did say god-like, not god! Excuse me, but had to make sure that was clear.

R: Why?

J: He's sort of sensitive about that. Doesn't like it when people step on His toes.

R: Sounds like you know Him quite well. How does that relationship work?

J: Sort of a love-hate. I mean, not that I hate Him, you see, but He can be hard to get along with at times.

R: In what way does He ring your bell?

J: Ring my bell! You don't have my bell, do you! How did you get that?

R: (Laughs) No, I don't have your bell. What are you talking about?

J: As if you didn't know. You're the author, after all. If anyone knows about the bell, it should be you.

R: You got me there. While we're on the subject, tell us about the bell.

J: It's one of the times God wasn't too happy with me. It was a minor thing, really. So, He gives me this bell--

R: Joel, what was the "minor thing"?

J: (Sigh) He wanted me to do something for Him. I couldn't fit it into my schedule is all. I had things to take care of. Important things.

R: What did He need done?

J: Aren't you full of questions today.

R: This is an interview. It sort of comes with questions. That's the point.

J: Alright. Like I said, it was a minor thing. He needed me to deliver a message to someone. I put it at the bottom of my to-do list. He didn't think I prioritized it high enough, is all.

R: Who was supposed to get this message?

J: Well, that's the kicker. One of his favorites: Daniel. After several days had passed and He wanted to know why Daniel was still praying by the river the same prayer, He came looking for me. Got all hot under the collar--not that God has a collar, mind you, just a figure of speech--and said something about diluting the effectiveness of the prayer of a righteous man availth much guarantee. Complained He'd have to send one of his angels before the poor guy gave up waiting.

R: Wow. Sounds serious. What did you say?

J: That's what got me the bell. I said, "Whatever." I found out you don't say, "whatever" when God wants you to do something. But, you know, he could have asked a little nicer. I would have scooted it up the priority ladder if I'd known it was so important to Him.

R: I suppose He expects it to be a priority by default.  So, what was so bad about the bell?

J: You know where the phrase, "he rung my bell" came from? (Shakes head) That's right. From me. He linked me with a bell, and gave it to someone. When they rang it, no matter where I was or what I was doing, I was transported there and they would ask me for favors.

R: You mean, like a genie granting three wishes?

J: Similar, but no end to the request as long as they had the bell. If I refused, they'd simply keep pulling me back. If I wanted any peace, I'd have to grant them their wishes. Very annoying. So the one who had the bell before Sisko came along, he rang my bell one too many times. While he slept, I snatched it and took it deep into the mountains where very few if any ever traveled, and hid it in a cave.

R: And Sisko somehow found it?

J: Not immediately, but yes. (Points to the sky) I think He had something to do with that. But I met Sisko, and even though I was a most powerful being, like everyone else whose path he came across, I was changed. But that gets into the story.

R: Now, maybe we should clear up one other thing. Some have speculated that you're an angel. Are you?

J: (Turns his back toward R. L.) Do you see any wings back there?

R: Come on. Everyone knows those are symbolic to mean a messenger, which apparently you were delivering messages, where you not?

J: Hey, God does outsource, you know. What do you think all those prophets did? Deliver messages. Besides, you should see the cherubim when they start training to fly. They have those wings covering their face so they can't see where they are going, and another set covering their feet so they can't land without falling over. Watching them makes for a very entertaining evening. But, no wings for me.

R: Okay, on that note, I think we'll end this interview. Thanks Joel for spending time with us today. Maybe we'll have you back to find out about your tea. I hear it is heavenly.

J: You're welcome. And it is heavenly. I only give it to those that need it. But some things can't be revealed. I work under restrictions.

R: Maybe you can start a bell choir.

J: (Shutters) Not in this life. Bye.

That's it folks. He's vanished. Until next time.

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