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Friday, July 9, 2010

Book Review: Legendary Space Pilgrims by Grace Bridges

ISBN 978-0986451720

Legendary Space Pilgrims reminded me of C. S. Lewis' Space Trilogy along with a dose of his Chronicles of Narnia while firmly remaining its own unique science fiction story. If you like exploring, experiencing new places, along with a bit of an adventure, you'll enjoy watching the two main characters, Mario and Caitlin, not only escape from their forced labor on the planet Monday, but do so guided by a voice Mario hears in his head. The voice leads them to several planets before they discover their ultimate mission.

I especially enjoyed the worlds explored by the characters, which are well developed as evidenced by a detailed history unfolding as the novel progresses. The images Ms. Bridges paints with her words activated my imagination and brought the story into the realm of the possible.

I also enjoyed watching the relationship between the two main characters develop. Though they had a history together, the mind-swipes used to control them caused it to be new each time. Once they escape, they learn to explore their relationship beyond the limits imposed by their former world, and they struggle learning to incorporate their new experiences with each other.

The constant presence of the voice provides another developing relationship that they work to understand and follow. As we often experience, they don't always get it right but growth happens all the same as the voice guides them to fulfill their destiny.

Most questions that came to my mind found answers before the book ended. The few that didn't are left for a sequel to finish out the story. Yet, I learned enough to satisfy and wet my appetite for the next book.

While there were some instances where I didn't grasp the logic of the character's actions, and a couple of times solutions appeared too conveniently, they didn't distract me from the story or make the story itself implausible. Overall, I found it a fun ride and look forward to finding out how they accomplish their mission in the next sequel.

The story not only entertained me, it provided me with a sense of wonder, the diversity of God's creation, our common struggle to do the right things, or know what the right thing is to do. And above all, that it's often not about us, but about something bigger than ourselves. The character's pilgrimage reflects our own in many ways, and through them we find hope for our own journeys.

Younger children will enjoy Legendary Space Pilgrims as well as the young adult audience it is targeted for. Adults will also find the story an interesting and fun read. If you like the books I mentioned at the top of this review, you'll like this one. I recommend you obtain a copy and enjoy the journey. You won't be the same by the end of it.

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