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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New, Old Poem Now Up!

Back in 2007, I submitted a poem to, the magazine I worked at as an editor. After that, I later became the managing editor. The other editors liked it, but they also asked for a revision. As it happens, I became distracted and forgot all about that revision. So the other day I was browsing through our stash when I re-read the discussion thread on this one and realized that I had a rewrite pending. So, I rewrote it and now, about two years after I wrote it, it has finally gone into print.

It is called, The Angel of My Desire. I was inspired by the quick connection between mother and child, even before they leave the womb, but certainly after. And the emotion of a baby who has a disease that would send them to a early grave making that connection all the more striking.

So click on the title above and enjoy.

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