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Monday, April 6, 2009

Transforming Realities is Real!

As in, a real book! What has been sitting on my hard drive as bytes and electrons is taking on the more solid form of a paperback book. It certainly has been worth the wait.

In November 2007, my first book was released, Infinite Realities, still available through Amazon and many other places. It has had moderate success, especially for a first book. But being novella sized has probably hindered its market reach.

Two years ago, I wrote the rough draft to a sequel, which is now titled, Transforming Realities. It was published March 16, 2009, but has worked its way through the publishing process to show up on Amazon's electronic shelves.

I want to give some fantastic kudos to the cover artist, E. J. Mickels. He did a wonderful job putting into graphics what I had visualized in my head. I enjoy seeing it!

Many thanks go to countless people who've had a hand or finger in this project. But, I should let readers, or potential readers, know that I am currently editing the final installment in this trilogy that I hope to see come out in 2010. So, you can buy both Infinite Realities and Transforming Realities and know there is yet another great fantasy story to look forward too!

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