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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Now, buy signed copies of "Strange Worlds of Lunacy" from my site!

I now have copies of this anthology I can sign and sell. If you want an author-signed copy, go to my published titles page.

Strange Worlds of Lunacy (2008 Anthology)

Strange Worlds of Lunacy is a compilation of the funniest fantasy and sci-fi humor in the galaxy, the known universe, and all nine-million planes of existence! (Okay, well, maybe just the surrounding 5 blocks.) More than 50 short stories, limericks, and poems by breakout authors and seasoned veterans alike. This antho will have you laughing so hard you'll wet your... "...a squeaky-clean bathroom buddy." ~ Colin P. Davies

My two flash fictions in this book:

Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Food feeds the mind and music the soul. But what happens when the two are combined into one "rising" reality? Lots of dough.

Baby Truth: Where do babies come from? No, don't give me any of that mother and father stuff. That's a cover. Now, tell me, where do they really, really come from?

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