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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Favorite of Mine, Now In Print!

I wrote a flash fiction last year that I titled, "Facing the Cave." It is intentionally an allegorical story about how Christ releases us from death's clutches, but cast into the context of a classical fantasy of a knight and a dragon's "battle." So, more than just being an entertaining story, it also holds a lot of meaning for me, which is why I guess it is one of my favorites thus far among my writings.

It is being published by MindFlights, an online/print magazine of science fiction and fantasy. Here is the link to the story: Facing the Cave

And, just in time for Valentine's Day, a poem I wrote last year on the romantic side.

Waters That Bind published at Haruah. Point your loved one to it and say it's part of your card.

Thanks for reading!

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