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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Blog is Back!

Yes, we have been down for a while. Our hosting company's data server ended up going out of business, from all appearences, and without warning shut down the servers. So he had to set up a new account with a new data center, and reset their client's accounts on the new server. Unfortunately, that took over a week. But, we finally came back up and I've finally got around to installing the blog again.

Just one problem. So far I'm not able to create sub-domains, so instead of, the blog is now located at

That means updating some links and RSS feeds. Sorry for that inconvenience. But, I've moved to a different blog software, and will be adding features as I go. And, I've still a few bugs to work out on a web site or two's coding, that doesn't work here but did on the older servers.

Check back here for updates again, and reset your RSS feeds if you used that. We're back.

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